Cami Shaper

The Cami Shaper is a female item of clothing meant to be worn under your clothing in order to hide problem areas, providing a sleeker and slimmer look as soon as you put it on. Most women consider this item of clothing to be a real blessing for them. It has been used by hundreds of females all across the country and praised for its slimming down property. It is a perfect choice for women who want to look great without spending too much time on shopping... read more

Color Doctor

It is important to maintain optimal health to you, so you may want to learn more about an efficient portable blood pressure monitor that is able to read your blood pressure easily and almost instantly. This device is called Color Doctor. According to the manufacturer, it uses a comprehensive color-coded system that responds in less than one minute. All you will need to do is just strap the unit to your wrist and press the Start button... read more

Copper Fit Back

Copper Fit Back is a neoprene lower back brace that can be adjusted to almost any shape of the body and claims to be made of copper-infused fabric. This fabric is tight and strong enough to provide you with the necessary support every day. It also promotes better mobility and relieves lower back muscles. The product was endorsed by Brett Favre who used Velcro straps to fit any size of the body. Its lightweight and contoured design will fit under your clothes unnoticeably... read more

Copper Fit Step FX

Copper Fit Step FX is a fitness and activity tracker that features a slick design, a digital display, and quick setup. Due to all of these characteristics, you will be able to monitor your activity during the day. It is also very easy to use and lightweight. Compared to the competition, this little device can automatically track distance you cover every day, steps you take, and calories your body burns. It works without a smart phone, special app, or software... read more


Counsyl is a genetic testing company offering screening services to their clients for more than 100 genetic diseases. It is vital to do as these conditions could be passed on to your children. The company has been in business since 2008 and calls their services to be "an ultrasound for human genes". Their initial goal was to make the human genome useful for life-changing decisions. The company was founded in 2007, and has been featured in... read more

Defender Razor

Modern razors have not changed a lot for over 40 years, except for adding more blades. Nevertheless, the cost of replacement blades has increased considerably. This has become the main reason why so many low-cost options have been represented to the market lately. Defender Razor is one of the latest additions to this industry. It promises to provide the customers with a superior shave for less money, at the same time giving a better feel and high quality... read more


Oonies is a unique set of pellets that need to be inflated with air into different-sized balls. According to the manufacturer, you won't have to deal with anything messy or sticky. No water or hot toys are involved. Children can inflate balls of air into any size they want. Besides, they can stick them together to create any figures or imaginative worlds to play with and just have fun. Believe it or not but you can even stick them against windows or... read more


TeenSafe is an online software program meant specially for parents who want to discreetly monitor their teenager's phone location, phone calls, texts, social media interactions, and more. There is no need to jailbreak or root their devices. This program has been used by more than 500,000 parents in the country to empower themselves with knowledge, and to provide their children with safety. Thus, the transition of a child into an adult is much easier... read more

Vivint Home Security

Vivint is a home automation company that was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Provo, UT and Calgary, Alberta. It promises to provide you with invisible integration between technology and your life. It is one of the largest North American companies of its kind and it promises to provide more than 750,000 clients with custom-built systems to improve their lives. Vivint has been featured in InformationWeek, Forbes magazine, as well as PCWorld... read more

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar, Inc. is a solar energy company in the USA. It was founded in 2011 as a branch of Vivint home security. It was presented to the public in 2014 and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange at present. Initially it was designed as a solar electricity provider that creates, installs, and supports the residential photovoltaic system. Đurrently, the company operates in 20 states of the country... read more

Climb Cart

Climb Cart is a folding cart that features six wheels and can be used to climb up stairs comfortably and easily. The bottom base section of the cart can be opened for placing your things and moving on top. According to the manufacturer, it can be easily pulled upstairs or over curbs. Then you can secure it in place where you want. This design reduces the chance of getting a strain while making it safer and faster to transport items like office supplies, garden supplies, or... read more

Firefly 2

Firefly2 is claimed to be the fastest and most efficient vaporizer in the world. It can be used for herbs and concentrates. Recently it was declared by Gizmodo to be the "best overall vaporizer". The product was created by a former Apple design manager. It has an ability to heat up in just three seconds, which allows you to enjoy nice flavors and active ingredients as soon as they are released. The advanced technology of Firefly2 is intuitive and user friendly... read more


Fizzics is a portable, freestanding, battery-operated draft beer system that claims to deliver great taste and flavor whenever you wish, without nitrates, CO2, or gimmicks. The system uses a special sound technology and patent-pending fluid. It is called Micro-Foam and is able to fill any style of carbonated beer with small air bubbles. You are expected to receive smooth foam of a creamy consistence as well as better taste, body, looks, and aroma. The process involves three basic steps... read more


Straightening hair may be a difficult process. To uncurl naturally curly hair, people may use an iron or get a chemical treatment, which can be damaging, though. MaxiGlide XP Digital is another styling tool meant to transform your hair from curly to straight, with no strenuous heating process provided by most tools. The product has a steaming mechanism that leaves hair healthy and hydrated, according to the manufacturer. Does the MaxiGlide XP Digital really offer a chance to get hair... read more

Monster Jammer

The Monster Jammer is a new kind of night light specially designed to help children sleep better. This night light is actually created for parents by parents to improve the sleep of their children through the night without any fears. It sends out green and red lights to show kids that their room is free from ghosts, monsters, and zombies. The device will help them to get a good night's sleep. It can be said that Monster Jammer is a tool meant to make children feel safe and... read more

Red Copper Express

Red Copper Express is a grill that can be used indoors for making all kinds of grilled foods including, fish, meats and things like sandwiches or breakfast foods. The product comes with a cookbook of recipes for you to use the indoor grill properly and to the fullest extent. You are claimed to be able to cook the best circular foods ever. You are also expected to get a nice spatula to lift your foods out of the grill. The peculiarity of the product is its non-stick design... read more


BurgaBox is a special subscription service that will send you a burger meal box whenever you make an order. The company sends you all the ingredients with the cooking instructions with them and it will be your responsibility to gather burgers together. Chopped meat comes raw too, so you will need to fry it, while the buns and bacon will need to be grilled. This is probably the greatest drawback of the service, not to mention its high cost... read more


FlexZilla is a garden hose constructed from a revolutionary hybrid polymer that is claimed to be very flexible and strong. It also promises to provide tangle-free and kink-free operation. Other features of the product noted on the official manufacturer's website include a lightweight design, as well as being constructed of UV stabilized material, good performance in all-weather conditions, 3/4-11 1/2 GHT threaded fittings for leak-free connections... read more

Gravity Weighted Blanket

Similar to swaddling a child, the Gravity Weighted Blanket is designed to give you a "hugging" sensation representing about 10% of your body weight. It claims to deliver immediate relief from anxiety and stress, increase relaxation, and deepen REM sleep. The company points out that it is not for sleep only; it can also be used while relaxing on the couch, reading in bed, recovering from a hard working day, or just meditating. Actually... read more

Hercules Hose

If you have got a green thumb, you have probably dealt with the disappointment that comes along with a kinked, broken, or damaged garden hose. It usually happens at the most inopportune times, and it seems that you never have a good replacement nearby. If this situation is familiar to you, then you will be interested in the idea of a hose that won't leak or break on you. The Hercules Hose is an "As Seen On TV" hose that promises to substitute... read more

Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave is a new revolutionary cleaner for your hard floors cleaner. This machine is made in such a way to vacuum and wash your floors simultaneously. It significantly simplifies the cleaning process making it a one step! This tool removes spills, debris, and sticky messes from hard surfaces using a multi-surface cleaning solution and a dual-action brush roll. As a result, you get a fresher, deeper clean quicker and easier... read more

Tuft and Needle Mattress

Tuft and Needle Mattress is an innovation mattress that has entered the market a few years ago, however, it has gained great popularity among users. This mattress has two layers of foam and a total thickness of 10". Its top layer is a 3.0" and is made of polyfoam. This layer provides great support, comfort, and a cooling effect. The bottom layer of the mattress is a 7.0" and is made of base support foam. This layer provides the foundational support and proper shape... read more

Nespresso Vertuoline Pods

Nespresso brand has created a perfect espresso-centric line of brewers that can be used in home surrounding. In order to attract people who like coffee, the company has recently launched VertuoLine. It is a single cup espresso and coffee maker. If you already have bought or you are planning to buy a Nespresso VertuoLine machine, you may be wondering where to purchase its brand-new coffee and espresso capsules. Nespresso Vertuoline Pods are available directly on the official website of the product... read more

Neato Botvac Connected

Modern technology constantly advances and gets smarter with each year. The Neato Botvac Connected is one of the examples how smart home additions may develop. It will help you to make your home cleaner without any effort as this vacuum works on its own. This system connects to your Wi-Fi and creates a connection with the Neato application. The latter needs to be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android, only). It gives you 100% control over Neato Botvac Connected... read more

Neato Botvac D80

Neato Botvac D80 is a robot vacuum with high performance properties. It was specially designed for homes with pets due to its ability to gather different types of debris and hair. The machine features a combo brush uniquely created to pick up pet hair in a quiet way. It works better on hard floors like tile and wood. Patented laser-guided technology maps and scans the room, as well as methodically cleans the space. The system also automatically moves from room to room... read more

Tesla Off-Grid Generator

Tesla Off-Grid Generator is a patented "free power device" that can be used to power your home. It promises to reduce your electric bill immediately and save you hundreds of dollars every month. This device can be even used to power up a separate cabin in the wilderness. The system was presented on Dr. David Ranko's program. Actually, Dr. Ranko says that this small generator is able to fuel any electric device and save up about 87% on your power bill each month... read more

Ninja Cooking System

The Ninja Cooking System has become a popular product in the last several years. It even has an infomercial and can be found for sale on QVC. This 3-in-1 slow-cooking system allows the owner to make healthier meals in 30% less time. What can be easier than to sear, bake, steam roast, and slow cook different meals in one pot? This revolutionary device has made all this possible. Is the Ninja Cooking System really worth your hard-earned money? Let's try to find out an answer to this question further... read more

TuraPur Pitcher

The TuraPur Pitcher water ionizing system is claimed to enrich water with hydrogen and high levels of antioxidants. The manufacturer promises that your water will smell and taste better, but what is more important is that it will help you feel more energized, get healthier joints and more radiant skin. You can visit the company's official website and find enough proof that this system can make you feel and look younger, as well as revitalize your cells from the inside out... read more


The idea of opening and operating an investment can be difficult and intimidating to complete, but it can be significantly simplified with a simple investing smartphone app. If you are interested then you need to learn more about Acorns App. This smartphone app is designed to help you start investing your small change, but it does not mean that you won't grow wealth. The app was founded in 2012 by Jeff and Walter Cruttenden, a father and son who made the program completely automated... read more


A great number of people suffer from back pain all over the world. If you are one of them, you can benefit from the Back2Life significantly. It is a sort of a trainer that promises to provide you with the necessary pain relief by using something called continuous passive motion that can align the spine in a natural way, release accumulated pressure on nerve endings, open up compressed vertebrae, and make your movements easier. The company claims to focus on all parts of the human back and to help you sleep... read more


If you don't have time or desire to shop physically, you can use a subscription-based fashion service known as Bombfell. It is designed especially for men and aims to help them look their best without spending too much money. It is short for "bomb fellow". It was founded by Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim, long-term friends who met at Harvard college and were roommates at the dormitory. According to one article online, these two guys built their wardrobes were they kept their free t-shirts handed out by dot-com companies... read more

Car Cane

If you suffer from back pain, knee pain, or other mobility problems, Car Cane is a specially designed item for people who experience difficulty getting in and out of their vehicle. This patent pending portable handle works by locking into the door latch of a car instantly, offers the necessary leverage to lift you up, and assists you to get in and out easily. Car Cane promises to be very easy to use because all you need to do is to open your door and snap it on. It does not matter what type of car you have... read more

Citi Diamond Preferred Card

If you are looking for a long introductory 0% APR card, you will probably appreciate the Citi Diamond Preferred Card that offers a 21-Month Intro Offer on Balance Transfers (further BT) and Purchases. It provides 0% on Purchases and BT for 21 months, and then you will have to pay Variable APR of 13.49% - 23.49%. Another advantage is No Late Fees Ever offers and additional perks. You can enjoy special access to tickets and desired seating to entertainment events through Citi Private Pass, 24/7 concierge service to allow you book travel plans... read more

Cologuard Test

If you are over 50 and are at a higher risk for getting colon cancer, you will benefit from the Cologuard Test a lot. It is a non-invasive, prescription-only colon cancer screen that can be taken in the comfort of your home. According to the Exact Science Corporation, this method does not require any diet changes, time off, medications, or preparation. It requires three easy steps: get, go, gone. When the company receives your kit, its specialists identify presence of any abnormal cells in your colon due to the special screening technology... read more